Chelyabinsk - one of the largest cities of Russia, located on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains on the banks of the river MiassModern Chelyabinsk - ametropolis of one million, the largest cultural, industrial and commercial center of Southern Urals.

Demographic situation related to the metallurgical industrybut despite the huge number of plants in Chelyabinsk are many beautiful parks and gardens.

A kind of "calling card" of the city is the main street of Kirov (Chelyabinsk Arbat orKirovka), one of the first streets in Chelyabinsk, where the monuments XIX-XX centuriesand now there are all kinds of monuments, shops, places for recreation and entertainment .

Theatres, concert halls and museums make a real cultural center ChelyabinskThe city is very well developed entertainment infrastructure: numerous shopping centers, fitness centers, modern movie theaters, night clubs, all kinds ofrestaurants, pubs and bars.